I am a cartoonist and illustrator for hire. I draw children’s comics, animals and rejected Pokemon. Head over to my Instagram @ape_detective for more!

If you want to see my Illustration Portfolio, CLICK ON THE FUN PUFFIN GUY!

Buy my comics at London’s Orbital Comics!

Interesting Creatures - A Calm Comic for Children

Interesting Creatures - A Calm Comic for Children

Extinct Animals and Skulls

Bigfoot - A-Day Project on Instagram


I am currently working on illustrating a new commercial card game, What’s That Horse.


If you would like a piece of custom artwork done, just email me at joshuajosephking[at]gmail.com with your idea and specifications and I will send it back to you.

A3 (29.7 x 42.0cm) Black and White: £20

A3 Colour: £25

A4 (21.0 x 29.7cm) Black and White: £10

A4 Colour: £15

Payment via Paypal.

I'll follow any idea you have, whether its based on (or a copy of) my existing work below, or a completely original idea of your own. I like to draw animals and cartoon monkeys, if that helps. Any text or quote is fine, too. Thanks!